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BMS College of Engineering Placements

Admission in BMS College of Engineering Bangalore

Secure a seat in the college through BMS College of Engineering Bangalore Admission 2018 to get placed in the most prestigious companies in the world. Admission for BMSCE starts in January with the beginning of registration for MCA and MBA courses. February marks the beginning of the offline application method for admission in undergraduate courses and a printout of the admission application has to be filled in and submitted before the closing date.

The BMS College of Engineering has extensive training and placement cell to facilitate the on-campus prospects for the students. There is in-house professor part of the Center, to guide all the pre-final and final year candidates/students and train them in soft skills that are essential for present corporate conditions. The Centre of BMS College allows the students to take part in interviews for jobs related to their field of interest. About 100 companies from around the globe come to recruit students. 80% and more students get placed in prestigious companies.

BMS College of Engineering Bangalore Placements

Given below are points that explain the activities required for facilitation of a student from college to a corporate conglomerate in BMS College-

The Centre of BMS College organizes a 4-day training program to amplify the soft skills of all students in their pre-final and final year. Skills like creating CV’s, personality building, aptitude exams, communication abilities, interview practices and many more.

Two choices regarding their choice of the field are given to the students; one Information Technology based company and one Core Company. The students in BMS College can choose anyone and their skills will be developed accordingly to facilitate their college to job transition.

Leading companies like Infosys, TCS, Wipro and many other companies have recruited from BMSCE.

The placement Centre of BMS College organizes special guest lectures for students from all branches.

PG students of BMS College have received internship chances from major companies like Sun Microsystems, Honeywell, Tektronix, Oracle, ZTE, S7 solutions, Robert Bosch, GES limited and many more.

Top companies from around the country compete for the best in BMSCE. The offers handled by the Centre have increased over the years by 35%.

BMSCE provides an online platform called Olive-board to prepare the students for placement interviews and exams.

The placement cell holds sessions for the student to increase their understanding and prepare themselves for group discussions.

Project work is given to students with a deadline so that students understand how to work within a deadline; the experience they gain from this will be paramount for them in their corporate jobs where they will always be under the clock. In BMS College students are taken to industries and corporate offices by the faculty to give them a glimpse of how the real corporate world works.

Before all a career guidance program that ensures that the students know and understand their career options according to their grade and interest is a unique practice in BMS College.

The placement cell not only encourages students to join IT or Core companies they also promote entrepreneurship and business strategies, ideas that will help an individual build their own businesses.

The placement requires maintaining a good working relationship with the companies.

BMS Bangalore also arranges for MOCK interviews and exams to test the strengths and weaknesses of their students, according to these results the students are built to support and improve their weaknesses without decreasing any emphasis on their strengths as well.

Motivational sessions are also conducted in BMS College to motivate a student’s mind, build self-assurance within them and boost their confidence.

The teachers also take part in these ventures as their technical knowledge and experience would, in the end, help none other than the student.

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